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Hello. My name is John Rymer.

In my 20 years as a professional designer, I have experienced many different areas of online software development, as well as its evolution from simple web pages to complex, omnichannel applications.

I wanted to be a web designer before it was really a thing, so I managed to get a copy of Photoshop and I started learning. In my first design position for a regional agency, I was also able to develop a strong working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and other skills across both creative and development departments.

I have had the opportunity to make big decisions for big companies, but my true passion is designing useful, practical tools for real people. For me, this means working to integrate sales, marketing, customer experience, UX/UI, and development into a more seamless product team, focused on continuous improvement and scalability.

  • GhostDraft
  • Hatfield McCoy Advertising
    Hatfield McCoy Regional Trail Authority
  • Jamestown : Stories of a Nation
    Virginia Tourism Corporation
  • ReQon
    Internal Project
  • River Expeditions Site Redesign
    River Expeditions
  • YWCA Event Ticketing
    YWCA Charleston, WV